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Head Bubble SCUBA diving center organizes scuba diving at Chivla; Malvan right from early morning every day (8 am) and offer dives during the entire day*. We provide all amenities like wet suits changing rooms etc for the convenience of the guests. Trained professional guides are the speciality of Head Bubble SCUBA diving center.

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Even non Swimmers can Dive

Video and Photography

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Wonderful experience, friendly and helpful guides. Water sports and Scuba diving at reasonable rates you can find. Totally money's worth.
Great Experience, good people, proper arrangements. Water Sports, Scuba diving and Parasailing at cheap rates and good packages for hotels.
I would just say is was great...Recommend to do here instead of Sindhudurg fort. The water is deeper here.

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Head bubbles SCUBA diving is amongst the most progressive and recent entrants in offering SCUBA diving in Malavan. Enjoy SCUBA diving in Malavan at Chivla , and a vibrant dive site with abudant coral life and a wide variety of fishes and aquatic flora.
Chivla Beach, Dhurowada, Malavan Sindhudurga.
7776817527 / 9404498477
Mon-Sat 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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